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Swift Missing Person and Asset Investigations

Michael Collins Private Investigator has the experience needed to provide effective missing person search and asset tracking services. He serves clients in Cleveland, Ohio, and throughout the state.

Actionable Information

Michael Collins Private Investigator specializes in collecting vital information to support or disprove claims made by either party during a legal dispute or application. He utilizes a variety of sources, including financial records and interviews, to develop a holistic understanding of the situation. Some of the sources he utilizes include:

• Bank and Brokerage Account Information
• Employment History Through Databases and Interviews
• Private Interviews With Neighbors, Colleagues, and Landlords
• Vehicle Information Like License Plates, VINs, and Driving Records

Tracking Down People

Mr. Collins has experience in locating missing people and utilizing publically accessible information, in addition to traditional investigation methods. This is useful when trying to find someone who is avoiding a lawsuit.

Searching through Files

Background Information

Obtaining background information is more time-consuming than a simple background check, since it involves physically verifying as much information as possible. Mr. Collins goes out and speaks with those who can verify information, which can serve to help employers and landlords have a complete understanding of the person they wish to associate with.

Ethical Behavior

Mr. Collins has spent his career developing a reputation for ethical and honest behavior in all of his professional activities. This has led to him becoming a favorite information collecting source for law offices throughout Ohio, and why many private citizens hire him to handle their information gathering needs. All of his services are done in a cost-effective manner. For your convenience, payment plans are available.

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